The African Research House

Thousands of Surveys Completed on Proprietary African Online Panels Monthly...

A variety of Modes & Methods in regular experience from Mobile CAPI, Panel Sampling to F2F street intercepts...

Native Accredited teams, In house facilities...

36 African Geographies Covered...

When it comes to fieldwork in Africa, there is no better partner. We have both experienced and well trained and accredited local personnel who are dedicated to the systematic smooth-flow of fieldwork. From field briefings, data collection rural or urban, editing, coding and cleaning data all with objective control on quality…

We have built various online panel communities in Anglophone Africa through which we complete thousands of interviews monthly. Our panels are all hosted on a system which integrates, with almost all other sampling tools. We also offer DIY access to our panels for fieldwork especially to established sampling partners.

Our market awareness and ability to identify and empathize with our clients makes it possible for us to identify issues that are important and linked with clients objectives, which we can weave into reports that lights the way for proper decision making. We do mostly custom studies but also do a few syndicated studies monthly…

Our partners say...

Amrita Singh
Senior Research Manager / 4Sight Global

"...more like a partner rather than a vendor!"

“The kind of support received is great….more like a partner rather than a vendor! Complete ownership of the project and proactive approach is highly appreciated. The team also shares relevant insights about local market – helping in better data interpretation. Please keep up the good work.”

Ashish Bhandari
Senior Project Manager / Asplor Research Private Limited

"appreciate your responsiveness"

We are very pleased with the quality of service and support your company provides, We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and quick turnaround of project on multiple times to build a great working relationship with Afrovas. Keep up the good work.

Brett Atkins
Project Manager / Clear Strategy Company

"they do an excellent job"

We have been using Afrovas to conduct fieldwork for us in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Angola for the past three years[Since 2015]...They do an excellent job... always punctual and helpful and their rates have been very competitive.

Sharine Potgieter
Community Manager / Dashboard Marketing Intelligence

"Thank you for your...quick turnaround times"

We are delighted by the courteous and professional service received from Afrovas. Thank you for your support, quality panel management and quick turnaround times on projects.

Why Us?

1. Right Values...

Afrovas is committed to truth, accuracy and objectivity in proposing, designing, performing, evaluating and reporting of research. We tell it as it is so you make decisions from a well informed position.

2. Right Position

We train, and build an extensive network of experienced native field operators in every market we operate. We thus provide a single roof command center for running field operations to including the most isolated parts of the Sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Right Budget...

We work directly with our teams on the ground to ensure we avoid marginal layers which enables our partners to get the true bare cost of working in Africa. With us you will realise that Africa is the most affordable region in the world, and that applies to its quality research too.

4. Right Variety...

Based on our keen assessment of Sub-Saharan Africa and its recurrent needs, we have strategically positioned our solutions by nurturing local expertise and investing in the capacity to handle both traditional and emerging research trends in the Sub-Saharan region. Do not shy from sharing your unique request with us because even in Africa, we got game!

5. Right On Time...

We believe that all research has a time-specific purpose.For this reason we go out of the comfort zone to the very limits and ensure that data is availed as soon as requested. Yes we do Overnight Qual too.

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