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Fieldwork & Data Collection
  • Fieldwork & Data Collection
Fieldwork & Data Collection
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When it comes to fieldwork in Africa, there is no better partner. We have both experienced and well trained and accredited local personnel who are dedicated to the systematic smooth-flow of fieldwork. From field briefings, data collection rural or urban, editing, coding and cleaning data all with objective control on quality ….

Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies
Market reports employ a combination of research strategies aimed at developing an insightful inside view of a market. The study examines all market phenomena such as demand and suppliers, regulation, product variety, complementary and substitute industries, pricing points, past trends and future projections. It illuminates a market such that its readers understand to some extent a market and its dynamics. Usually used in feasibility studies and also to advise executives who are curious about a particular market they may want to enter in the near future. Or just for information.</p>
Mystery Shopping.
The best way to improve is to get a second opinion, the most important opinion being that of your customers. Mystery shopping involves having our secret agents visit your bank branches, dealer outlets or speak with your insurance brokers, service or sales executives as a prospective/existing client/customers. The objective is to identify room for improvement in the service delivery and underscore existing strengths. We do this in good faith and as such adhere to standards outlined Here: A “mystery” is what the evaluating shopper remains.
Advertising & Marketing effectiveness
Eg:Pre/post ad tests. In this century the best marketing is based on social values, ambition, visions and emotions. After the creative team has developed a bunch of materials to be used in a marketing campaign, pre- ad tests help to determine which pieces most communicates the intended message with the right tone and values. Post ad tests are usually done after a short pilot campaign duration and serve the same purpose aside from considering the response to its call-to-action provoked among other variables.
Online Qual Communities
Some of our clients require the flexibility of being able to run ethnographic diaries, groups as well as in depth interviews online; not just structured interviews. Online communities provide the luxury to get all these done from offshore without the hassle of travelling. We have access to systems with which make this possible but also welcome those proprietary platforms used for those who wish to get a glimpse of the consumers’ life by virtual means. We have verifiable experience with lots of such studies.
Product Tests
We may come across clients who have this exciting prototype of a product that they feel has a huge potential in the market. Being wise you wish to first test that your intended market is willing and ready to use your product. Then there is improvement needs, sometimes educational investment required, pricing uncertainty, government regulations, potential selling lines/advantages etc. A product test gives you a chance to safely determine all these before blindly making huge investments into production.
Nat-Rep Surveys
We utilize our local accredited teams to penetrate the corners of the region to reach the most remote and distant locations for inclusivity. Our teams also employ the use of contemporary technology to disclose as much demographic information as possible including photos and geo-stamps that can be used to validate and enforce sampling representation especially during social and political surveys. We have nat-rep capabilities in all the major markets in sub-saharan Africa.
Data Support
We provide data entry and transcription services to clients who do their own fieldwork and analysis but need some resources to help with data preparation. We also do data mining, coding, tabulation and analysis services.
Focus Groups & IDIs
We provide full-house qualitative solutions from recruitment and screening, incentive handling, moderation, venue with two-way mirrors, note-taking, video and audio recordings, live streaming and verbatim transcription.