At Afrovas Research, we value out-of-the-box thinkers and reward self- motivation. We contract or hire, right personality above all else.

Nature: Part Time – Contractual Frequency of 20 – 100 sessions per year scheduled around your convenience.
Pay: Lowest $50 – highest $200 per 1-2hrs Session All side expenses Catered.


1. Advise our social research experts on the status of terrorism affairs and personal or public opinions of key concepts under the above subjects.
2. Attend conferences both online and offline with other key opinion leaders subject to your schedule and presence of such conference needs. (Direct Expenses Covered by us)
3. Attend anonymous live online discussions on our proprietary platform to dissect and investigate terrorism and related issues.

Regions/Countries: Senegal, Mali, Niger, Mauritania,
Somalia, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone & ChadI

Industries and Fields specialties:
Anyone from:

  • Academia (Lecturers, Professors, Principals, Deans and other Key education staff)
  • Legislature/Government (Political and administrative leaders, security personnel like the police ranks, military ranks or private investigators)
  • Religion, (Imams, Sheikhs, Pastors and other clericks. Key opinion leaders.)
  • Media Industry (Journalists, Editors and writers etc who have an interest in the subject of terrorism)
  • Non Governmental organizations (NGOs that have worked on or with victims and benefactors of terrorism cases or incidents)


  • Must be accomplished in your field.
  • Must be willing to participate.
  • Should have access to good steady internet connection.
  • Must speak English, French or fluently. Arabic also allowed for Mauritania Nationals.

Personal Competencies

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Integrity and high ethical standards
  • Communication skills

If you feel like this is you, please send your offer and profile to on or before 5th January 2018.